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2018 Americana Walk In Set

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2018 Americano Waln In Set

2018 Americana Walk In Set

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These sets are blank and do not include graphics.
Colors:  Red, White and Blue


White Gloss Alligator with red and blue paisley trim.

Prime Time Walk In Sets are the creme de la creme o the FNA showcase. Each set produced is strategically planned and built from the inside out. We start with a blank screen and design it from there. Our expert designers will produce an artist rendition as a proof. Once the proof is approved by you, we will send it to our production team for manufacturing. Once the set has been all stitched together it takes a flight into the US where our Inspections and graphics  department takes over. From there we will make sure that the set meets our standards then it off to you.

 15-20 days turnaround


  • Sleeveless Hooded Vest
  • Custom Trunks
  •  Lined with Soft Contrasting Satin 
  • Full Metal Zipper
  • 6 Inch waistband
  • Draw String
  • Stain Resistant  
  • Graphics not included