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A reliable choice for accessibility and durability. The FNA- Protex Holster is made for speed, reliability  and accessibility.  Our Thermoplastic  materials are second to none in the industry. Our leading infusion process showcases vivid color and maximum scratch resistance across our entire line of thermoform plastic products.

  •  Rigid, tough, durable, plastic alloy
  • Durable key ring and chain
  • Choose from Black or Sand


  • This two-ply, polyester blend face mask covers the wearer’s nose and mouth. Elastic stretch binding ear loops help hold it comfortably in place.
    • Two-ply poly blend
    • Fabric touching skin: Poly Cotton Blend
    • Two evenly-spaced pleats on each side
    • Woven American flag label at the upper left seam
    • Machine washable
    • Non-returnable
    • Not recommended for use in a surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected and where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high.
78 Grams
2.75 oz
78 ml
Height  2.25″
Length  5″
Depth 3″
Weight  20g , 0.044lbs, 0.71oz, 20ml
Holster 3 X 2 1/8″
Mask Adlutl  5.5X5.25″
Weight 16g, 0.035lbs, 0.56oz, 16ml


Additional information

Holster Color

Black, Sand

Mask Color

Black, Red, Blue, White, Purple, Green Camo, Silver, LimeGreen, Gold, Orange, USA Flag, Mexico Flag

Mask Size

S, M, L

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